Why unitize?

Unitized systems provide a wide array of benefits on building skins of all sizes. Primarily, they are constructed in a controlled environment where the seals and tooling can be monitored and checked with quality control programs. Many of the processes used today are automated, thus resulting in a consistent product application in a more timely manner.

Unitized systems arrive at the job site ready to be set and therefore, help enclose the building more quickly. This saves time for the overall schedule and allows interior trades to progress sooner. The unitized system saves time and labor in the field which allows increased savings for everyone.

Increased safety in the field is yet another benefit to the unitized system. When units are delivered per floor and elevation, the logistics of installation improve and the field team can plan efficiently. This allows us to create better safety plans and work efficiently.

Some examples of unitized projects AWS has recently completed:

Wellmark Corporate Headquarters
Aviva North American Headquarters
OSF St. Francis Medical Center
Sprint Arena
Anchorage Art Museum
Des Moines Public Library
Wells Fargo Financial North
Wells Fargo Financial South
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Kansas City Star
University of Iowa Pomerantz Center

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