AWS believes in providing a consistent project delivery experience. We train our project managers from the internship level. They are educated in the exact methods and procedures that are required to create a systematic approach to project management.


Early on in a young Project Manager’s career, we pair them with a mentor that allows them to experience the realities of what it takes to make a project successful. This mentorship allows them to gain the necessary hands on experience needed to eventually manages projects on their own.


AWS knows the key to successful project management lies in clear communication and documentation as well as a seamless transition from drawing the project on paper to erecting it in the field.


AWS provides the highest level of technology to both our field superintendents as well as our Project Managers and Project Engineers. The ability to have ‘real time’ information eliminates error and confusion by allowing the information to be instantly accessible. Technolgies such as Newforma Project Center Software, streamlines project communication and provides a central based program for all AWS personnel to access project information. Investments like this gather all forms of external and internal communication as well as BIM/CAD documentation and work towards the concept of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).


AWS prides itself on understanding the vernacular of each project. Whether it’s having LEED AP’s on staff, or architects who understand and use BIM software, or LEAN construction methods. We track with your needs and remain on the cutting edge of all levels of technology.


In addition to streamlining our project information, our field management team contributes to the accuracy of the information by utilizing electronic layout systems such as Total Station to minimize production and layout errors.


Providing the highest level of technology in every way, allows AWS to meet your specific project needs. Having these resources all under one roof provides synergy and integration so that your project moves forward as planned.


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