AWS began manufacturing its own systems about fifteen years ago. Initially, we began designing, engineering and extruding our own sunshades as a way of reducing expense and increasing our ability to manage the project schedule. Our goal to be a single source wall contractor dovetailed with manufacturing our own systems. Understanding successful manufacturing takes years of time and commitment. Since AWS has made that investment we can create, state-of-the-art custom systems for less.

AWS owns two manufacturing facilities in the state of Iowa which allows us to be flexible in allocating resources. Furthermore we are able to stage the delivery of our materials to the job as needed so that our field installation sequencing is uninterrupted.


AWS manufactures two standard window systems as well as a curtain wall system, featuring a superior Insulbar® thermal break system. Our window system is designed to match up with standard curtain wall system mullions so that the aesthetic design is seamlessly integrated. To see these brochures click here.

For custom curtain wall systems, we collaborate with your team to create a design based on the performance and aesthetic needs of the project. We then bring this design to an independent testing laboratory so that all pertinent code requirements and tests are met. From this process we understand exactly what needs to take place so that the Quality Assurance standards can be defined and shaped for the project specific Quality Assurance Program.

From mirrored frit patterns to curved aluminum and glass, AWS can help you achieve your design objectives from concept to completion. To see examples of projects we have manufactured please click on the links below.

Click here to learn more about PERFORMANCE TESTING.

Wellmark Corporate Headquarters
Aviva North American Headquarters
New Meadowlands Stadium
Anchorage Museum of Art
Caltech Annenberg Center
Princeton University Sherrard Hall
OSF St. Francis Medical Center
Iowa State University Hach Hall
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage West Campus



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