Performance and aesthetics are primary factors when selecting a building envelope system.

The performance requirements can vary based on the thermal exposure, seismic zone, sustainability objectives, along with a various other elements that impact the functional requirements.

The aesthetic aim can sometimes countermand the performance needs, thus creating a need for a custom system that meets all the objectives for the project. AWS has over 20 years of experience with designing, engineering and manufacturing custom building skins. We meet with you to assess what your aesthetic and design intent is. Based on these criteria, we offer you options that meet your budget. Should your project’s objectives fall into an area where a custom system is best, then AWS will collaborate with you to accomplish this design.

Once a custom system is developed it must be tested at an independent testing lab to ensure the building skin meets necessary ASTM requirements. AWS’ team will design, engineer, manufacture and erect the mockup at the independent testing facility. A series of tests will be performed to ensure that all components perform as needed with regard to water infiltration, thermal expansion/contraction, as well as, seismic activity requirements. To learn more about this process in depth, please go to our PERFORMANCE TESTING page.

Whether you seek to design a unique system, or simply need a wall engineered to withstand specific performance criteria, AWS is here to assist you in finding and engineering the right system for you.

To see some examples of custom curtain wall systems engineered and manufactured by AWS, please click on the projects below:

Wellmark Corporate Headquarters
Aviva North American Headquarters
Sprint Center

DART Transit Hub
OSF St. Francis Medical Center
USDA Consolidated Laboratory
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage West Campus
TD Ameritrade
New Meadowlands Stadium
Anchorage Museum of Art
Figge Art Museum
Caltech Annenberg Center


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