Some elements of our work can be categorized as special. Perhaps they utilize products designed for other applications, or maybe they need additional engineering to perform as intended. There are also times when the budget for the project simply doesn’t support the design. AWS’ team of engineers enjoys providing solutions to assist with speciality elements.

Our team can provide you with aesthetic and functional options that help you achieve your design intent, while staying within the project’s financial parameters. There are many approaches that can be taken to direct light, allow transparency and increase efficiency. Because we have access to our own manufacturing resources and because we have strong partnerships across the globe with reputable vendors, AWS can source exactly what your project needs to achieve the objective.

To learn more about some of the specialty projects we have done please view the proejcts below:

Temple Canopy
Reiman Gardens Butterfly House & Conservatory
Apple Royal Hawaiian
Greene Residence
Winnetka Residence
Mercy Medical Center Third Floor Pediatric Renovation
RJ Carver Green House



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