We believe each project requires a distinctive set of quality control standards to be successfully built. Although a basic set of quality control methods pertaining to the manufacturing, installing, delivery and erection proces, is common, we create an individualized Quality Assurance plan for each project we do.

Defining standards for manufacturing, assembly and delivery of building materials in a written manual with photos is how we begin the process of ensuring consistency. Our field management team conducts weekly educational seminars in the job site trailer to explain and educate our field team on the details of the QA plan. All quality management is documented and shared with the project team. This continual interface allows our Project Manager to verify that the predefined standards for production are being met.

Logistics including sequential delivery coordination, material verification documentation, cataloging individual unit photographs, and random field system testing, allows our team to verify at each step of the process, that the system is meeting the project-specific standards of quality.

Because AWS has quality assurance managers that are present during the manufacturing process, we can ensure that the system meets the required assembly requirements early in the fabrication process. AWS takes ownership of the quality of our systems. We do this by allocating team resources specifically dedicated to upholding the standards defined.


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