LOCATION: Des Moines, IA
CATEGORY: Medical / Renovation


InVision Architecture
Des Moines, IA


Graham Construction Co.
Des Moines, IA


The colored glass is a 1” clear IGU that has a silicone material called Opacicoat 300 on the #4 surface. This silicone material is applied via roller at the glass plant and acts as a medium to use custom colors for the glass finish. AWS did a lot of up front work with the hospital providing them multiple options of colors before the final selections were made for this project. Each of the four different colors used on the project are specific to this job.


There were two phase to this project so that the hospital could keep its pediatric unit up and running. During the first phase, the North tower was gutted and renovated while the South tower stayed in working order seeing patients. Once the North tower was opened, the hospital moved all working functions to that area of the building and the South tower was gutted for renovation.


AWS used multiple vendors to complete the entire project with the primary vendor being Trulite. The framing system is Pittco’s 450-EFG curtain wall.

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