LOCATION: Des Moines, IA
CATEGORY: Corporate

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Des Moines, IA


The Weitz Company, Inc.
Des Moines, IA


AWS designed, engineered, fabricated, assembled and glazed the unitized rain screen system for this 10-story campus expansion in the heart of downtown Des Moines.  The projecting spandrel panels on the south and west fa├žades provide both day lighting and shading, while the north and east facades feature a sleek design of glass spandrels and floor to ceiling glass.  The stone at the base and columns are open-joint unitized pressure equalized rain screen design, which makes the building envelope completely pressure equalized, drained and back ventilated, and the glass lantern that sits atop the building features a guttered skylight system that collects  condensation and water infiltration  and drains it to the exterior.


AWS was the single source contractor for this building skin including the design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, glazing, installation of a complete independent laboratroy testing for air, water and structural performance.


AWS was the 2004 recipient of the AIA Excellence in Craft Award for this project.

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